Christian Music Day

Join us for a great time at the park and great music by TobyMac, MercyMe Music,, Building 429, Love & The Outcome, Age of Faith, and a message by illusionist Jared Hall! Cost to you is only $50 – not bad for 3 days of fun with your park,concert,lodging, and food included! If you can't pay the $50, we have ways for you to work for it around the church, ask Pastor Travis.

We will start pick up at 1pm and expect you to be ready with your bag packed. This way we get on the road as fast as we can!

The trip will be about 5 hours plus stops for food/restrooms/fuel. Your bag needs to fit under your feet on the van, there is NO other room. Think about how you would feel if someone else was invading your space. Got a mental image? Now…don't be that person.

Chaperones get a bed to themselves. This should go without saying. And we don't pay the chaperones so when they pick their bed or make any rules for that matter please no attitude! : – 0 These people are chaperoning out of love – don't make them regret it. 

You MUST have an Annual Permission Form turned in! They are available on the youth page of the website.

Breakfast is at the hotel, lunch and dinner Saturday is on meal cards you will be given. Fast food on the way there and back. Extra snacks and drinks are up to you. You are responsible to keep up with your meal cards and tickets.

You may be asked to stay in a group of your friends. No sneaking off away from your group. Boys and girls do not share blankets on the van, nor do they visit each other's hotel rooms. Remember boys are blue, girls are pink, don't make purple.

You do not have to see every concert. You ARE required to watch the gospel presentation by the illusionist. And it is strongly recommended that you try out at least one band (they could be your new favorite, how do you know if you don't try them out?)

You should get back before 5 on Sunday.

Let Pastor Travis know if you have any questions

Registration has now ended.